For those who love Hazoor Data Ali Hajveri

  • After Fajar Prayer       Ya Haiyoo Ya Qyoom
  • After Zuhar Prayer     Ya Habib-o-Ya Latifo
  • After Asar Prayer        Ya Razzaqo
  • After Magrib Prayer   Ya Almaliko Ya Rehman
  • After Isha Prayer         Ya Malikoo  Ya Rehman
  • Darood Shreef               100 times



To avoid black magic and the havocs of Jin {fay}

  1. Ya-Haiyo- Ya-Qayoom 125000 once a time with a group of all Family Members. 
  2. Ya ALLAH- Ya REHMAN 125000 once a time with a group of all Family Members. 
  3. Bismillah, Surat Ikhlas and in last Allah-ho-Akbar 1000 times a day and drink this water.


*In Case of Single Person he should complete with in a week.


** Recite Darood Shreef 11 times before and after.

*** Choose any one in above of three Wazaif. 

For the better marriage of your children:

In between 1st and 15th day of the lunar month; recite Surah REHMAN 11 times in one sitting for 11 continues days. Recite Darood Shreef 11 times before and after and present it in the favor of Prophet S.A.W. and in the honor of Hazrat Zainab R.A. and then pray for the Rishta

Insha’Allah you will be successful keep that “naqash” with you.