Peer Maqsood Ahmed Bodla

The spirituality of the holy shrine of Data Ali Hajveri 1992. Your interpretation of the life of communion in the mountains 16 June 1998 on the Monday visit disappear near Quetta and inspiration Special inspiration.
According to the decree of 4 June 2000 in the 61 days of the court of communion depicting Baba Haji Sher Dewan amky available near Burewala and inspiration.
Turn off your interpretation of the full communion of the way to your room in your home for 41 days from 20 July 2001 and capture the special light of the cream. Travel to your interpretation of the August 18, 2002 Spiritual Journey Iran, Iraq, Syria and Imams (as) visited blessed with all near scholar of shrine visits especially Ghaus Mak state visits and your ass there Mr. Sheikh Abdul Qadri majority of allegiance by the name Samurai rule and authority was given Qadria.
What’s your interpretation of the 4 August 2003 and 80 days of communion Kaaba and Masjid Alhamdulillah, the cream will have special light and manifestations of the Holy Prophet and benefit from proximity to God.
Now destinations far and efforts are underway


Fsylt advice importance and has been so often described in the Quran and Hadith. He has praised the believers upon reflection astja bualr bhm rule Fa Bonham died Moazam uamuhm Council ummar s qnhm ynfqun believers are the same. Those who give the orders of Allah and set their affairs by mutual consultation and spend in the way of Allah Allah and the Prophet Muhammad explained the importance of advice. You have to consult your own affairs dustuan any Muslim who says he is not ashamed of ever repenting.
Amirul Momineen Hazrat Ali, he put his life in danger, which is independent of the others opinions and advice.


There are a – I was going to Damascus Bait Sheikh mankind, I was accompanied by mud because of the rain. So we walked with difficulty, but still kyjb my foot was on the Sheikh and pajamas, they would just dry up. I asked them. Since I’ve taken the path of trust in the courage and the heart to be in the eyes of alienation, and the God of their excreta my feet.
Khawaja Abou El Fadl ntly very encouraged their followers less and less sleep also predicted thy.hzrt Ali Hujweri discovery writes Mehjoob Bob bstm (30). “Do not try to sleep and when you wake up, then sleep again but dominate. This is for disciples to him and sucks the sign”
Hoisting of the Sufis differed. Hujweri Peru mentor Khwaja Ali Abou El Fadl had said about it. “Hoisting is provision for those who have reached the floor I stayed behind, those that need any hearing because the hearing in the original palace of ousted.
Hazrat Ali said Hujweri than their legs. He came from a strictly formal Sufis (vendors). I did not fear man more than his nose.
He says he was washing his hands in a day. If passed aloud for the idea that when all depends on fate or destiny because we are committed to the foot enslaved yourself?
He said. O my son! What is in your heart, but it is a cause for every order. When God entrusted to the throne of the Almighty wants, he creates the first opportunity of handling and the service is a noble cause.
Osman was the kmndur kyty the village of Ali son of laxatives Khorasan, saw a man, called a writer noose. The elderly man sits on his feet never stood for twenty years except prayer. Asked the people to remain standing. Answered, I still have the status that is not going to respect God’s witness Coin “


Mtahl thought life was a love of reading and Cerro tourism. So he turned to writing and composition and by granmayh ayytu such a precious and strong points which shall prove matter of course say the words of verse mortal veil member and rates research. Your first book, which was written twelve years old, the addition of the following tnsnyfat discovery shows almhjub.
Arifa the mystical and poetic word.
Minhaj Uddin.
Bayan Lahaul alayan.
Mystery alkrq and almwnyat


You Syed Hussain , the son of Imam Hasan
Abdur Rahman bin Ali bin Ali bin Usman Q Syed Abul Hasan Ali bin Hassan bin Ali bin Al Hasan Shabbir zyd killed bin Ali Sher Allah Karam Allah reason. The Prophet and Hazrat Ali reaches the blood stream rather than intermediaries for cousin.


The group includes jnydyh thy.js the beginning of the year altalfh Syed Junaid. You kypyr way to Abou El Fadl Mohammad bin al-Quds alhtly Beriah hy.cnanch you write yourself, “I kept them in ways yqt”
Ali Hujweri disciple of Khwaja Abul Fazl bin Hasan alktly and minister Sheikh alyhzr Mickey and servant of Hazrat Syed altalfh Junaid and servant of Sri sqty and servant of leading Karkhi and the servants of David TAI and servant of Allah Arab and servant Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Ali syrkda servants are reminded that reason.

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